Baby Playpen With Playground


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Baby Playpen With Playground enriched with swing, slide, basketball, game board, clipboard, rocking horse, and ball pit.
  • Simply expand the folded panels to the desired configuration and tighten the hinges to stabilize them.
  • The fence comes with anti-slip and anti-scratch pads that work on any internal or external surface.
  • Strong and sturdy material able to hold its shape and position thanks to its strong hinge connectors and non-slip pads.
  • The gate with a security lock that allows comfortable and protected access for your baby to the interior.
  • The wide swivel seat design offers a more comfortable space for your baby. The design of the rocking chair with handrails to protect children.
  • The drawing board and game board fence able to improve a child’s motor skills and cognitive development
  • Fence height: 65cm*180cm*200cm


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